Prayer for divine protection

Our hope is in the Lord; he is our help and our protection. Our heart rejoices in him, for we trust in his holy name.Psalms 33:20,21

Lord my God, in this prayer for protection divine I place my path in your hands. The Lord is a refuge and strength very present in all situations. Only in the Lord can I trust as he is the protective guardian of your people. If there is any sin that I have not confessed, may the Lord forgive me and help me move forward.


Guard my life every time I go to work, also guard my family at these moments. Be with me when I am in dangerous places. In the same way, protect me from the bad advice that the enemy uses to lead me astray. The Lord is holy, true and just, I am always under your protection.

I place my life in your hands in this prayer for divine protection because I believe that the Lord fulfills everything he promises. Even though I don't deserve anything, I have Jesus Christ by my side, so I have everything. I bow before your holy presence because I I know that at your feet is where I can be highest.


Also guard my heart, I want it under your protection because it is your property. So cast my life upon you to be under your protection and care. But I also ask that you protect me from myself so that I don't make hasty decisions. In the same way Strengthen my faith so that it keeps the flame burning.


Even if I go through pain and many difficulties in my life, I will seek you with this prayer for divine protection. The Lord will guard my life so that I may be in your eternal kingdom. Then I take possession of your promises that are faithful and true. I will continue with firm steps on your path, even if illness and pain dominate me.

I surrender to you through prayer and study of your word because in the Lord I have comfort for the bad day. Guard my steps from committing any evil and anything that dishonors you. I belong to the Lord, seek your presence in my life and sanctify myself in your truth. The Lord is a rock that keeps all your servants from the arrows of the evil one and gives rest of your struggles.

Hear this prayer for divine protection and guide me on the eternal path. Praise the Lord both in heaven and on earth, your kindness leads us to repentance. I thank you because the Lord keeps us from evil, protects us from ourselves. I don't know how to conduct myself if the Lord is not by my side.

Your protection is what I need at all times, because I know you will never abandon me. The Lord is the one who restores me in every moment of great wounds. Your love makes me feel at ease even in conflicts and problems that seem beyond what I can bear.

I thank you for your compassion and listening to me at this time. For every deliverance and for every moment that touched my heart. I could hear your voice make a decision and protect yourself from the enemy's traps. May your will be done in my life for exaltation and Glory. I finish this prayer for divine protection by placing everything in your hands in the name of Jesus. Amen!

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