Prayer for trust

In you our ancestors placed their trust; they trusted, and you delivered them. Psalms 22:4

Great God, I present myself before you with this prayer for trust. What I want is to trust you even more and set my steps on the eternal path. The struggles of this life often try to make me lose confidence. But the Lord renews it every day in my life.


In your hands I place my life once again because I know that the Lord loves me and draws me to you with his kindness. Your eternal truth is like a flame lit in my heart, bringing light to my being, bearing witness to you. Then take my life entirely in your hands and forgive my sins, keep me in your truth.

I need the Lord at all times, so I come before you with this prayer for trust. My trust clings to you, so I will have strength in moments of war against the enemy. That's why Come with your Holy Spirit, give me the spiritual renewal I need so much.


There is something inside me that feels the great need for your presence in my life. That's why I seek you with faith and devotion because I love the Lord above all things. But don't let me have confidence in myself. Help me to trust you even more, in your promises that are true and eternal. Place me in your hand of justice, help me trust that the Lord will do the best in my life.


The Lord renew my energy, hear my prayer for confidence and act according to what is best for me. I belong to the Lord, the eternal and powerful God, above all things. Your light shines in my life and gives me the security I need. I will trust in the Lord with all my strength, give me power to sustain this strength. If I fall, pick me up.

Blessed God, the Lord is my strength, my restoration, the complete joy I have in Christ. Renew my vigor, don't let the enemy lead me to give up. Your path is one of peace and light, so walking in it, I will not fear because the Lord is with me. Even in the midst of thorns, he will make us walk safely until promised land.

In this prayer of mine for trust, help me trust that even if my body burns, I will be among those saved for your kingdom. This way I will see many loved ones around, knowing that I trusted and clung to the merits of Christ, salvation. Praise the Lord for giving the human being what he needs, not what we deserve

Your promises are faithful and true, that's why I trust you, because I have everything I need. Help me to have more faith and trust in you, don't let me make wrong decisions due to a lack of trust and faith in the Lord. I trust in you, I follow the Lord, I stand firm in your words.

Praised be your name in the beauty of your holiness. May you be magnified for listening to me, for attending to me according to your eternal goodness. I ask and thank you in the name of your beloved Son Jesus. Amen

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